Hide Phone Number Contacts App Download

All of us have certain phone numbers in our contacts which we don’t want others to see. So we have created an app where you can hide your selected contact which cannot be accessed or seen without password.

How does it work?
– 1st create your 4 digit password.
– Enter the app and click on “Contacts”.
– Complete list of your contacts will open. You can select one or many from the contact list to hide them. Then select and click on secure button to hide the selected contacts.
– You can access and call the hidden contacts from “Secured” section of the app.
– When you open the application to check your secured contacts, the app will open only if you enter the password created by you. So no one will be able to open and access your secured contact list.
– The app cannot hide call logs from secured contacts. The app has a clear log button, click on which will clear all the call logs.
– You can add directly new contacts from “Secured” section of the app. The new contact will directly be stored in your secured list.

A helpful app for everyone to hide and secure secret contacts from phone book.

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