Battle Effect Montage App

Easy and free to fight bloody wounds, wounds, blood spray, and blood on the photo with the great Fight Photo Editor! Fight Camera is the best photo editor using cool beetle stickers and fight effects to create fight face selfies!

Fight Photo Booth is the best Fight Battle photo editor for creating real Fight Battle Face photos! Choose from our Fight Emoji catalog and choose from a variety of Fight Effect pattern designs. Here you can find more types of Fight Beatle stickers for your best facial photos.

Wound photo editor is to put a fight sticker on your body photos and make your look awesome. Fight Photo Montage is a photo editor app that offers a variety of fight fees to add you to your photos and give your face a virtual makeover in a second.

You can resize the sticker with the touch of a finger, and in a few seconds, you can turn your beauty selfies into extraordinary pictures with the Fight Editor image effect. If you want to hurt someone, just use fight photos, don’t hurt yourself, and don’t feel pain.

This injury photo editor app can scare your friends and family by showing your injury. Injury Photo Editor is great for Halloween parties, office/school excuses, etc. Create some injuries with this fight app.

Fight Photo Editor App Features:

It- Very funny and easy to use for all users.
– Over 100+ Injury / Fight Battle Stickers.
– You can change the size according to your body shape.
– Flip and scale the injury sticker to your liking.
– Complete your look with amazing injury stickers.
– Excellent FX filters.
– High-resolution photos.
– Add text to the image.
– Improve image with brightness, contrast, saturation, temperature, shadows/highlights.
– Save the image to your SD card.
– Share your photos on social networks.
– Impress and intimidate your friends.

Download the Fight Photo Editor app and fight Fight.

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